Ship projects faster with the highest-quality & most flexible design system UI kit for Figma.

The starting point for any project to help you save time, design better, and deliver more value.
Atomic elements
Clear documentation
Common components
Quick start guide
Holistic styles
Use for unlimited projects
Grids & layouts
Use solo or with a team
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A 1 year subscription with updates and improvements as Figma evolves.
Annual subscription
/ year
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Save hours of production time on each project
Never start from scratch again
Start every project with a well-crafted and meticulously organized design file ready to be customized and used.
Apply your branding in minutes
Customize 44 color styles and 16 text styles to apply your branding in just a few minutes.
Clear documentation
All styles and components are automatically documented for consistent use and easy team communication.
Built with industry best practices
Atomic design
Components are built with atomic, nested instances for consistent use and quick design updates.
Consistent UI
The design system uses the 8pt grid system, a balanced type scale, and holistic color palette system.
Resizing behavior
All components are built with grids, constraints or auto layout for flexible, consistent usage across all designs.
Maintain consistency as your design file grows
Master components
Master components are strategically built to be flexible, consistent, and easily maintainable.
Saved styles
All components use saved text, fill, stroke, grid, and effect styles for consistency and easy bulk updates.

Built with UI Prep

Examples below were created using only components and styles available in the UI Kit

Get the best design system for Figma

Atomic elements
Common components
Holistic styles
Grids & layouts
Clear documentation
Quick start guide
Use for unlimited projects
Use by yourself or with a team
Get the Design System UI Kit
A 1 year subscription with unlimited updates and improvements as Figma evolves.
Annual subscription
/ year
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Latest Release

If you’re a subscriber, you can download the latest version by logging into your Gumroad Purchase Library.
Version 2.0
Rebuilt from the ground up using newest Figma features, with added styles & components, and showing more documentation examples
Released: Jan 6th, 2020
Biggest updates:
  • Auto Layout
  • 24 new grid & layout styles
  • 25 new components
  • Documentation examples
  • Updated button system
  • Updated input field system
  • Updated modal system

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an invoice?
Yes! Click the "Generate" button on your receipt from Gumroad after you purchase and you can generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need.
Can I get the Design System UI Kit for my entire team?
Yes, you just need to select the appropriate license when you checkout. We offer licenses for team sizes of 2-4, 5-9, and 10+.
What do I need to use Design System UI Kit?
All you need is a free Figma account. If you're looking to utilize the Design System as a library in Figma, you'll need to enable the Team Library feature which is available on paid Figma plans.
What's the license agreement for the Design System UI Kit?
You can read the license agreement here and the terms of service here.
TL;DR: Do pretty much whatever you want with the Design System UI Kit, including using them in open-source projects. Just don't resell them or publish them opurely to distribute them for free or anything like that
How do you plan to rollout updates to the UI Prep Design System?
We'll continue to expand the Design System as Figma releases new features and industry best standards evolve. We also schedule regular updates to expand the component system and documentation based on feedback from our subscribers.
What if I have more questions?
No problem at all! Email us at with your questions.