Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI Prep?
UI Prep is your new starting point for any UI project. All of the base elements, styles and common components have been prepared and documented so you can jump in and start designing right away.
What makes UI Prep Different?
As full-time designers and co-founders of a product design agency, we’ve created countless new design systems from scratch and learned what works well and what doen’t. UI Prep was created to make our own jobs easier so you can be sure that we’ve created the absolute best system possible.
What do I need to use UI Prep?
You need a Figma account (which is free) to use UI Prep.
Who is UI Prep for?
UI Prep is for all skill levels and all project sizes. It’s easy to understand and use, yet sophisticated enough to scale into large UI projects with complex flows and responsive designs.
Are there updates?
Yes. As Figma and industry best practices evolve so do we. UI Prep is a subscription service and comes with 1 year of updates.