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Resources to help you become a Figma pro and design with confidence.

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Free UI kits for Figma to help you jump start your next project, learn best practices, and sample part of premium design system UI kit.

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Premium design system UI kit for Figma to help you jump start your next project, learn best practice, and make advanced Figma features feel easy.

Design System Bootcamp

5-week Bootcamp to build a design system & become a Figma expert with Molly (UI Prep creator) and a cohort of peers to support you along the way.

About ui prep

Meet the Creator,
Molly Hellmuth

I'm Molly, the creator of UI Prep. Where I share resources to help designers learn Figma and design system best practices. Something I started while running a product design agency. And has since taken on a life of its own!

I'm based out of Denver, Colorado. When I'm not tinkering on a design system, or teaching students, you can usually find me snowboarding, hiking, or attempting to bake despite the high altitude.