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Figma, design systems, and UI best practices

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Advanced Figma Variants

A guide to using Figma variants efficiently and speeding up your design workflow

10 tips on using components in Figma

Everything you need to know about how to use and manage Figma components in your design workflow.

5 Tips to Design Maintainable Inputs in Figma

How to build inputs in Figma that will grow & evolve along with your designs.

10 Best Practices for Creating Effective Wireframes

Wireframes are a great tool for experimenting and communicating design solutions to your teammates or clients.

10 Tips & Tricks to Design Faster in Figma

A guide to designing more efficiently

21 Best Figma Plugins for Designers in 2021

Here's a collection of the best Figma plugins for designers guaranteed to improve your workflow.

Cheaters Guide to the Perfect Color Palette

Step-by-step guide on how to steal and customize the perfect color palette for your Figma Style Guide.

Building a Design System 101

Designers guide to building a design system from scratch, using Figma

Design Smarter with Themed Components

A guide to building and maintaining themed components in Figma

15 books to help you level up as a designer

The best 15 books to read in 2020 to level up your design skills.

Figma Variants 101

A beginners guide to creating, editing, and using variants in Figma

The UI Prep Syllabus on Design Systems

The most comprehensive list (over 90 resources!) to help you master the ins and outs of design systems.

How to Create the Perfect Color Palette

A guide to creating a system of colors that self generates and maintains the perfect color palette

The UI Prep Syllabus on Learning Figma

Complete list (70+ resources!) of everything you need to learn Figma

Everything you need to know about spacing & layout grids

This guide will walk though spacing and layout grid best practices based on Material Design, Bootstrap, and Figma.

The Best Way to Document UX/UI Design

A guide to design documentation for happy, productive teams.

The UI Prep Syllabus on Design Portfolios

A complete guide (80+ resources) to creating a portfolio that will get you hired.

UI Designer’s Guide to Creating Forms & Inputs

This guide will walkthrough form and input best practices based on Material Design, Bootstrap, and Figma.

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Data Tables

A collection of best practices for data table UX/UI.

UI Prep Quick Start Guide

Learn how to get set up, customize the system, and start using the components & styles so you can hit the ground running.

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Auto Layout in Figma

Everything you need to know about Figma's Auto Layout and how to build responsive components.

Mastering Constraints & Auto Layout

A guide to building responsive components in Figma

Ultimate Guide to Using Icons in Figma

Everything you need to know about setting up icons, using icons in designs, and handing off icons for development in Figma.

Ultimate Guide to Prototyping in Figma

How to create prototypes in Figma with interactions, animations, fix positions, overflow scrolling, and interactive components.

Why you should use Frames, not Groups, in Figma

Learn the difference between frames and groups, and what makes frames so much more powerful.