Change Log

See what’s new with UI Prep Design System
January 22, 2023

Version 7.0

Updated to include the latest Figma updates. Including new property & variant features (ex. exposed nested variants, preferred variants, simplified components). In addition to many component improvements and additions.
The highlights
  • Newest property features
  • Newest Auto Layout features
  • Improved Tables
  • Improved Buttons
  • Improved Inputs
  • New Components
August 10, 2022

Version 6.0

Completely rebuilt to include the latest updates from ConFig2022.  Including Component Properties and Auto Layout. In addition, 10+ new components were added and improvements were made to text & color styles.
The highlights
  • Rebuilt with all Config 2022 updates
  • Added 10+ new components
  • Added Component Properties
  • Updated Auto Layout
  • Improved Style system
  • Improved Documentation System
January 5, 2022

Version 5.0

The design system has been optimized for team use, accessibility, and faster prototyping. Its new file structure, unpublished "helper" components, tokenized naming, and interactive components make it easier than ever to customize and use.
The highlights
  • Updated file structure
  • Added interactive components
  • Introduced a new color system with tokens
  • Improved & expanded button components
  • Improved & expanded chart components
  • Improved & expanded table components
  • Improved & expanded text editor components
May 3, 2021

Version 4.0

This latest release includes our first ever dark theme version of UI Prep, in addition to some major auto layout and variant optimizations and other improvements to the design system.
The highlights
  • New dark theme
  • Optimized auto layout & variant components
  • Optimized input, button, & table component behavior + added new variants.
  • Improved file structure and organization
  • Added video tutorials & playgrounds to the "Quick Start Guide"
  • Optimized variants for interactive components (beta)
January 4, 2021

Version 3.2

Every component using auto layout has been updated to take full advantage of Figma’s new auto layout options. These components are now more responsive and flexible!
The highlights
  • Improved all auto layout components
  • Improved buttons components
  • Improved badge components
  • Improved file structure and organization
  • Improved chip components
  • Improved modal components
  • Improved alert bar components
November 9, 2020

Version 3.1

Every component has been reworked and optimized for Figma's new variants feature. The design system is now more intuitive and easier to scale & maintain than ever!
The highlights
  • Converted every component into a variant
  • Improved data table components
  • Improved button components
  • Improved input components
  • Improved badge components
  • Improved tab components
  • Improved quick start guide
August 24, 2020

Version 3.0

Every component has been updated for improved responsive behavior using constraints. Example UI layouts have been added, demonstrating responsive behavior for 4 common product pages.
The highlights
  • Improved responsive behavior
  • Added example UI layouts
  • Added more button states
  • Improved menu components
  • Improved chat bubbles
  • Improved date picker
January 7, 2020

Version 2.0

In addition to improving some components, several new ones have been added to the design system UI kit!
The highlights
  • Improved button components
  • Improved input components
  • Improved table components
  • Added new text editor components
  • Added new modal components
  • Added new card components
  • Added new tab components