1:1 Figma Tutoring

Get your questions answered, learn how to best use the system and general Figma best practices with Molly, the creator of UI Prep. All levels welcome!
Common session topics:
  • • UI Prep Design System tour
  • • Learning Master Components & Instances
  • • Learning Auto Layout
  • • Learning Variants
  • • Learning Interactive Components
  • • Learning Prototyping
  • • Switching from Sketch to Figma
Email me at molly@quantidesign.io to schedule a session
1hr zoom session costs: $75
Figma tutor
1:1 Tutoring
"Molly's a fantastic tutor. She set expectations and explained her process well from early on, and we got done in one hour session what I imagine would have taken me more than five hours of self-guided teaching and Googling to figure out. If you're at all in doubt about whether a tutor would be helpful for you, take the dive. You won't be disappointed."
Marc Burnett
Product Design Intern at Gusto
1:1 Tutoring
"As a new designer, I came to Molly when I was overwhelmed by repeatedly hitting the same road blocks in Figma. Not only does Molly help me really grasp how to work with the tools, she explains WHY.  She’s taught me how to save so much time with styles, components, variants, auto layout. I’d recommend Molly in a heartbeat!"
Calley Prezzano
Student at Design Lab
1:1 Tutoring
"I’m so glad I started working with Molly during my (Design Lab) program because otherwise I would not have gained the foundations to approach designing appropriately.  Not only is Molly very helpful with UI design, she is also very knowledgeable with UX strategy.  Highly recommend!"
Jess Tabac
Product Design Intern at Gusto